Like many children of the 90s, I’ve been reflecting a lot as I approach the big three zero. It seemed as good a time as ever to reassess my financial situation.

I assumed I was doing pretty well. I broke-through the $100k+ salary barrier a few months back and could pretty much buy whatever I wanted, within reason.

But things didn’t look too rosy when I tallied everything up…

Student loans, car repayments, iPhone contracts and my penchant for takeaway coffee had been holding me back. I may have been cash flow rich, but I was net worth poor. Minus $1,042 to be exact.

I made a commitment to take control of my financial future by spending less, saving more & investing for the future. To keep me sharp, I decided to start this blog & share my net worth every month for the entire world to see.

Now this isn’t just any other personal finance blog. You’re not going to find 10 reasons why millennials are poor… how to get out of debt in 3 easy steps… or even learn what Game of Thrones can teach you about money…

This is a plain speaking, uncensored account of my journey towards financial independence (FI). As well as tracking my net worth, each month I’ll be FI Hacking my way through some pretty cool challenges. You’ll see the successes. You’ll see the failures.

So sit back, grab a coffee (homemade, of course) and read-away. Enjoy!