From Gen Y to FI

I’m nearly 30 years old and despite earning a good salary, I don’t own a home & have no significant savings. Oh yeah, and I have $15k of student debt.

Yes, I’m a Millennial cliché.


Going from Gen Y to FI

Today I take control of my financial future. This is day 1 on my journey towards building real wealth, and in turn, gaining my FI – that’s Financial Independence for the uninitiated!

This blog is the free-speaking, access all areas, no bullshit tale of that journey. On my adventure from Gen Y to FI I’ll publish my net worth every month for the whole world to see. That’s right, every month!

In-between I’ll be keeping it light with some eccentric money challenges to test my financial prowess, or lack of…

I’ll be posting very soon, but while you wait head-over to The Barefoot Investor & Budgets Are $exy. These blogs are packed-full of content & inspired me to record my own journey from Gen Y to FI.